Individuals, small groups and workshops

Perhaps you want a bespoke practice to address a certain issue; you’re new to yoga and want to learn the basics; you’re pushed for time and are looking for something more convenient than a class, or you simply want to stay at home, in the comfort of your own environment. A 1-1 yoga session offers the chance to focus on you, with everything designed to address your individual needs.

A yoga session with me can be tailored specifically to address any issues or needs, whether physical, mental or emotional. You might want to find an hour of calm in your busy week; to focus on you and rebalance your stress levels, helping you sleep better. Maybe you’re new to yoga and want to get to grips with the core principles before joining a class. Perhaps you want to increase mobility in your joints or be able to bend down or breathe more easily. Maybe you’re training for a specific outcome and want to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility to help avoid injury.

As well as the well-known physical benefits, yoga has a proven ability to restore calm and balance in the body and we may also use breathing techniques and aspects of mindfulness and meditation to bring about a sense of calm to counter stress and anxiety, if this is helpful to you.

Whatever the reason for your enquiry, I offer 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3 sessions in the comfort of your own environment and teach in a clear, accessible and lighthearted way.

Before the session, we’ll establish what you want to achieve from the sessions, and then work together to do just that. Weekly sessions are most effective, as in any yoga practice, but a one-off session can also be a great boost to a regular weekly class.

I have experience in teaching people with a wide range of injuries or conditions, so please let me know if this is something you’d like to discuss further.

I also offer monthly workshops at Pecorama, in Beer – see my Facebook page for all upcoming events.

1-1 sessions cost £45 per session (60 minutes), or £25 per half hour if an hour is too much to start with.

To make a booking or for more information call 07799 691 429
or email